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welcome to humble gaming community

We are a community built around its people and not around a specific game. People in Humble Gaming are fun and friendly. Our community is based in Teamspeak which is used for ingame communications aswell as just chatting when not playing

about us

Humble Gaming Community was formed on the 17th March 2012. It is the successor to 'Rawr, We are Dinosaurs' and is a community focused around Teamspeak and tight knit group of players rather then a specific game. It was founded by:

feature Vision
feature Creepymoto
Somegamesthat we play
23 October 2020 Valorant - Jett 4k Ghost
26 September 2020 Left 4 Dead 2 - Charger 3 kill
28 august 2020 Escape from Tarkov - Nade TK
9 august 2015 CS:GO - Just lucky
2 march 2013 Arma 2 - Ride of the IFV